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fitBowl-Mobile App

An online ordering app for a healthy resturant

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It's common for users to struggle with finding the information they need, leading to feelings of frustration and being overwhelmed. With so many choices and steps involved in ordering online, it can be easy for users to become lost or confused. 


UX/UI Designer, Interaction designer, Motion designer (team of two designers)


Four weeks


Persona, Sitemap, Wireframe, Prototype


Considering a few key factors that can make or break the user's experience:

  1. Smooth and intuitive

  2. Customizable

  3. Visually appealing


The App Concept

fitBowl is a local food ordering app designed for busy students and professionals in Madison who prioritize healthy eating. The app allows users to easily order food online, view prices and delivery times, and customize their options.

Our design goal is to provide a delightful and seamless ordering experience for our users. 

Design steps

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Target audiance

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As a graduate student in Madison, I conducted interviews with potential users to better understand their interests, personalities, and eating habits. Through these interviews, I gained insight into how often users eat out, their expectations for a food ordering app, and what motivates or frustrates them while using such an app. Using this information, we designed the fitBowl app to cater to the following audiences:


●        University students

●        Busy working folks

●        Erath friend people


●        They are mostly UW-Madison students

●        Working folks working in around the downtown

●        People above 35

Psychographics (personality, values, attitudes, interests, lifestyles)

●        Professional and educated

●        Disciplined

●        Friends of Earth

●        Healthy lifestyle, a regular member of Gyms


To ensure that the fitBowl app accurately represented the goals and needs of its users, I created three personas with diverse characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, and occupation. By creating these personas, I was able to gain a better understanding of the various needs and goals of our users and design the app accordingly. Each persona was carefully crafted to represent a different segment of our target audience, allowing us to create a more user-centered design that meets the needs of all users.

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User Needs

  • Sell food online with delivery option

  • Allow for order customization

  • Provide a mobile-friendly app

  • Offer fast and responsive customer support

  • Feature a daily special offer

  • Implement a rewarding system for customers

Client Needs

  • Check delivery availability in their area

  • Easily place food orders online

  • Use a straightforward and intuitive ordering system

  • Experience a professional and polished design

  • Understand the advantages and quality of the food.

Outline of scope

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To create a user flow for the fitBowl app, I first analyzed the requirements and organized them based on content and functionality. This helped me understand the user's journey and create a streamlined experience for ordering food


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Skeleton (wireframe)

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The final design includes:

  • Promotion to reward to make food ordering more affordable

  • Guest button for quick access

  • Easy decision-making for the users by offering 4 types of ready-to-order meals: Protein bowl, Veggie bowl, and Low-calorie bowl

  • Infographic design for showing nutritional values of each food

  • The user can also customize their food and have time to explore more options

Through my experience, I learned the importance of collaboration. Working with a supportive and encouraging colleague helped me stay motivated and work creatively. I discovered that being part of a collaborative team can lead to better learning and a more successful outcome. 
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