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Design Club is a community of designers willing to grow and learn together.


Breaking into the UX market for a newcomer with no work experience or related education seems almost impossible. As a person with different background but a high passion for getting into the market, I found the need for connecting with my fellows and sharing our experiences on the path.


In response to the need, I founded Design Club with five friends in 2021. Now we are a community of 8 motivated designers. We aim to develope our community to 50 members by 2023.

Things We Do

  • Regular weekly meetings to give and receive feedback on our work.

  • Inviting guests and mentors

  • Supporting each others in learning self leadership with regular plans

  • Learning new skills togerther

  • Constantly thinking how we can improve and sharing thoses ideas


  • Two members received an honor in the World Design Challange of 2021

  • 4 members get a job with the support of the team

  • A strong feeling of collaboration and interdependence



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